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Marketing Development

Marketing Development

Innovative marketing strategies give you or your business a direction toward active promotion to attract more customers.

I understand how important it is to develop an effective & engaging marketing campaign. Whether you are looking to building brand awareness, increasing sales & market share, or promoting your products & services, I will create innovative marketing strategies that will ensure that your targets and objectives are met.


Define Your Strategy

What are the goals and objectives of your campaign? Are you looking to increase sales and market share or promote your products and services? Your objectives to achieve your goals should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.


Audience Identification

Before launching a successful campaign, it is vital to identify whom your target market is by having a clear profile of your audience to ensure your marketing activities are focused. For example, look at Demographics, Psychographics, and Behavioural.


Market Research

It is very vital to have an understanding of your competitors and to be aware of your competition. To see how they are marketing themselves, their products & services, the strategies they have put in place, and the channels they are using to achieve their objectives.


Choose Your Channel

You will need to know the best media channels to use when it comes to marketing your campaign as well as choosing the right channels to connect with your target audience and coming up with strategies to create engagement between you and your audience to meet your objectives.


Brainstorming Ideas

This step requires me to sit down and generate ideas to develop a captivating campaign. At this stage, there is no such thing as a bad idea. The process will be geared towards coming up with as many ideas as possible. Ideas will be narrowed down, built upon and expanded.


Concept Development

Chosen ideas generated from the brainstorming session will be taken forward to develop a range of campaign concepts for stakeholders to review. This stage will require focusing and bringing images & copy together to communicate your marketing message.


Refining Concept Idea

After concept review and feedback, the chosen concept will be taken forward for further developments. This process can include refining the copy, finalising the imagery, i.e. carrying out photo shoots, creating bespoke graphics & illustrations, and purchasing stock images.


Finalizing Campaign Assets

This stage is crucial as there will be no going back after this where attention to detail will be critical. Will need to go over spelling, image quality, bleeds, and other details. Afterwards, digital and print assets for your campaign will be put in place and delivered in time for your launch.


Launch & Monitor

Now it is time to launch your campaign. I will help you monitor and analyse the results of your campaign to see if the market strategy that was put into place was able to meet your objectives. Based of this I will be able to measure the success of your campaign.